Where can I find recycling possibilities in Königsleiten?
 In which conditions should the accommodation be left when moving out?


The cleaning service for your holiday accommodation is automatically included when booking an accommodation with Direkt Holidays. You can find the corresponding item on your bill.

Please leave the accommodation well cleaned.

This includes:

  • Wash the dishes and/or turn on the dishwasher.
  • Bed stripping: we would be thankful if you could bring the used bed linen back to our office if possible. In front of our office there are laundry containers suited for this purpose.
    In case it is not possible to hand back the bed linen, please leave them together inside your holiday accommodation.

Garbage collection

In Königsleiten and Hochkrimml you will find several recycling possibilities at your disposal.      

Please respect the environment and opt for sorting your waste.

Different materials can be sorted in different containers. Each one of the materials listed above should be collected inside a different container:

– Paper and cardboard
– Plastic and other synthetic materials

– Glass
– Metal and cans
– Residual waste
– Problematic substances (such as fat, oil, batteries, etc.)